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How to link mint account to interactive brokers

If you want to link your interactive brokers account with your mint account, it’s fairly simple to do. I wanted to do it because it just makes keeping track of my money easier.

Let’s get to it right away. Login to Account Manager
reports interactive brokers

And under reports tab you will see the settings. From there, you will see another tab for Third-party services. Once you click on this then you will be taken to another page.
interactive brokers

Once you get to the second page, you will be shown the token. This token is what you will need to insert into your mint account. The page looks like this:
interactive brokers token

Open a new tab, login to your account in mint, and insert token information into your mint account and you all done. You will then see that the service is active in your interactive brokers account.
mint connect to interactive brokers

And that’s it. You can also find these steps at interactive brokers.

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