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During the end of each year, people are often asked about their New Year’s Resolution, some may say they want to exercise more; pay off their debt; save more money; spend more time with family; quit smoking; etc. While all these sayings are a good start, they are not goals but merely statements. A goal is something that is specific and achievable. For example, I want to “exercise for 30 minutes 3 times a week” to maintain a good health. I want to save at least “$200 a month” in my savings account. These are goals, they are specific enough for you to work on and achieve.

Let’s look at some techniques on how to focus on your goals and achieve more results.

Make a List

Your mind (especially the subconscious mind) need to be reminded over and over again. To help motivate you to do so, you need to list down as specific as possible the goal you want to focus and achieve. For example, let’s say goal is to quit smoking. First, get a notepad and divide it into three columns. In the first column, write down the number of cigarettes you currently smoke in a week; write down the cost of purchasing cigarettes in the second column; the third column will feature the number of cigarettes you want to cut down each week.

Update and monitor the list weekly; as time goes by, the number of cigarettes you smoke each week and the cost will decrease. The positive result is very important as it’s realistic, specific and achievable. Furthermore, it serves as a constant reminder and sends positive messages to your subconscious mind indicating that it’s worth the effort to cut down cost and save some money.

One Step at a time

You may have other goals that are more complex to handle; don’t fret! Break down the goals into managable tasks; take it one step at a time. Break the tasks further until they are specific and achievable; focus on a specific task, work on it until you achieve positive result. Your self confidence will surely grow when you see positive results.

Hang out with positive people

Sometimes we need others support to help us overcome challenges in order to achieve our goals. Hang out with people who can help to encourage and motivate you to persist on when you have bad days. Stay away from those who always try to influence you in a negative way.

These are just some of many ways to assist you in making your goals specific and achievable so that you could focus and work on them effectively. The next time you are determined to reach a new goal in your life, write down the steps that will guide you to it. Be specific in your detail, and use it as a roadmap for achievement. Focus on it and become empowered by it. You’ll never fail.




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