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This is a New Year Resolution you want to make

Happy New Year Folks

2018 just kicked off and many of you are making resolutions for the New Year. We know intuitively that we keep these resolutions for maybe two months at best. But I believe you can do it. You can make a resolution and keep it until you see the results you want and even challenge yourself more.

It takes just a 6 weeks to form a habit. There is a great article on forbes how successful people’s habits are the reasons they have success. I recommend you take a look at it after this post. It opens in a new window.

2018 plan

My new year resolution? I want to make more successful high earning trades like the one I had back in October and put more into my education. This is the main one but I have a list (below) that will make this one better and possible.

What about you? What do you want to make happen this year that you have been holding off?

If you can’t think of one New Year resolution to make and keep, you may use one of mines.

#1 Track my earnings and keep a budget
I think about this one often but when it comes down to it, I like things automated and thus I forget to track my earnings. You spent a lot during the holidays gifting. Now get that nest egg back up with a simple budget. Know where your money is going and you will know where you are going.

Know where your money is going and you will know where you are going.

#2 Invest in yourself and save
Invest in your education. You can never stop learning and that goes double for traders, investors, entrepreneurs and other aspiring people who want to be successful in life. Pay yourself first this year. You deserve it. Before you even spend on bills, pay yourself first. You are your own first employee in life. Don’t neglect yourself.

Pay yourself first this year.

#3 Do something else other than your main job
Just like the power of compound interest, don’t underestimate the power of a side business/side hustle.Side jobs allow you to save more and earn more. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. It could be as easy as buying from someone and then selling to someone else for a slightly higher price.

Here is a side hustle idea. Do market research and find out which amazon.com products are selling where and when, then buy some of them or similar product on aliexpress.com and sell them. Makes for a nice side change.

Learn a new skill and apply it immediately. Learn to remove virus on a computer and make craigslist ads to advertise your service.

Teach something that you are good at. Use fiverr.com to offer what you are good at and have people pay you for it. Side jobs are excellent for making your money lift weights and gain muscle.

#4 Invest in real estate
Find a partner and do a joint venture in a real estate deal. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty then invest in a company that does it all the work and you just reap the interest earned. Fundrise is a great place to start. I am setting aside some trading funds to get into real estate myself. And I am also looking for joint venture opportunities.

don’t underestimate the power of a side business

#5 Begin an emergency fund
Life is full or surprises and they are not always positive. So start an emergency fund and have a nest egg somewhere that you don’t touch unless absolutely necessary.

This sets you up to not stress. It makes problems that would seem really big much smaller. And the peace of mind of knowing you have money somewhere is amazing.

#6 Don’t let debt bring you down
Pay off your debts this year. Don’t let it carry over into 2019. You pay more interest if you don’t pay your debts faster. It’s that simple. I have been there so I know.

You may not be able to pay them all at once but make a plan and stick to it and in no time, you could be debt free. My 7 steps in getting out of debt should help. Follow them and you should be well on your way to a new sense of wealth.

Don’t let debt carry over into 2019. Pay the smaller ones first to build momentum

#7 Enjoy life
Don’t just live for the weekends. Enjoy all your days. Work stress is not your stress. When you leave the office, leave what happened there there and go home in joy. You owe yourself that much.

Your employer doesn’t care what you do at home as long as it doesn’t affect their business. So why should you care what happens at work after you are done? Live your life as stress free as possible.

#8 Travel
Travel more, see new things and taste new foods. You have one life and you don’t know what comes after so enjoy it now. Get up and go. Meet new people in a country whose language you don’t understand.

It makes you stronger and better as a person. There is no greater feeling on the road than meeting someone you just connect with instantaneously.

Travel more, see new things and taste new foods.

#9 Bring joy to others and don’t complain
They always say that the best form of prayer is that of gratitude. When you complain, you do the opposite. You are nullifying your own blessings. So this year and onward, complain less.

Bring joy to others. It doesn’t cost you anything to smile and possibly bring a smile on another’s face. By making others happy, you make yourself happy. Try it.

What are your resolutions this year and do you think you can keep them?

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