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Warren Buffet talks cryptocurrency and says nothing

I don’t often disagree with Warren Buffet. He is hands down one of the greatest investors of all time. But his comments today on CNBC were bollocks. He admits he doesn’t know much about crypto, doesn’t want to take a [...]

This is a New Year Resolution you want to make

Happy New Year Folks 2018 just kicked off and many of you are making resolutions for the New Year. We know intuitively that we keep these resolutions for maybe two months at best. But I believe you can do it. [...]

Reasons I Trade with Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is hands down the best broker out there. I have tried many of them and they failed to meet my guidelines. They are inflexible, bothersome platform, app problems, can’t trade where I want, high commissions and a number [...]

How to link mint account to interactive brokers

If you want to link your interactive brokers account with your mint account, it’s fairly simple to do. I wanted to do it because it just makes keeping track of my money easier. Let’s get to it right away. Login [...]